This page lists and categorises underwater filtering methods, and provides the link to the corresponding publications and codes.

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Neural networks

Year Title Author Paper Webpage Code
2020 Underwater scene prior inspired deep underwater image and video enhancement Li et al. [Paper] [Code]
2020 Cast-GAN: Learning to remove colour cast in underwater images Li and Cavallaro [Paper]
2019 A fusion adversarial underwater image enhancement network with a public test dataset H. Li et al. [Paper]
2019 An underwater image enhancement benchmark dataset and beyond C. Li et al. [Paper] [Code]
2019 Underwater color restoration using U-Net denoising autoencoder Y. Hashisho et al. [Paper]
2018 Water-GAN: Unsupervised generative network to enable real-time color correction of monocular underwater images Li et al. [Paper] [Code]
2018 Enhancing underwater imagery using generative adversarial networks C. Fabbri et al. [Paper] [Project]


Year Title Author Paper Webpage Code
2020 A novel dark channel prior guided variational framework for underwater image restoration G. Hou et al. [Paper]
2019 Sea-thru: A method for removing water from underwater images D. Akkaynak and T. Treibitz [Paper]
2018 Background light estimation for depth-dependent underwater image restoration C. Y. Li and A. Cavallaro [Paper]
2018 Underwater image restoration based on convolutional neural network Y. Hu et al. [Paper]
2018 Underwater image and video dehazing with pure haze region segmentation S. Emberton et al. [Paper]
2017 Underwater image restoration based on image blurriness and light absorption Y. T. Peng and P. C. Cosman [Paper] [Code]
2017 Diving into haze-lines: Color restoration of underwater images D. Berman et al. [Paper] [Code]
2016 Underwater image enhancement by dehazing with minimum information loss and histogram distribution prior C. Li et al. [Paper] [Project] [Code]
2016 Estimation of ambient light and transmission map with common convolutional architecture Y. Shin et al. [Paper] [Code]
2015 Hierarchical rankbased veiling light estimation for underwater dehazing S. Emberton et al. [Paper]
2015 Automatic Red-Channel underwater image restoration A. Galdran et al. [Paper] [Project]
2013 Transmission estimation in underwater single images P. Drews Jr et al. [Paper]
2012 Underwater image enhancement: Using wavelength compensation and image dehazing J. Chiang and Y. Chen [Paper] [Code]
2010 Initial results in underwater single image dehazing N. Carlevaris-Bianco et al. [Paper]
2009 Active polarization descattering T. Treibitz and Y. Y. Schechner [Paper]
2005 Recovery of underwater visibility and structure by polarization analysis Y. Y. Schechner and N. Karpel [Paper]


Year Title Author Paper Webpage Code
2019 An underwater image enhancement benchmark dataset and beyond C. Li et al. [Paper] [Project]
2019 Dual-purpose method for underwater and low-light image enhancement via image layer separation C. Dai et al. [Paper]
2018 Color balance and fusion for underwater image enhancement C. O. Ancuti et al. [Paper] [Project]
2017 Wavelet based perspective on variational enhancement technique for underwater imagery S. Vasamsetti et al. [Paper]
2017 Underwater image enhancement via extended multi-scale retinex S. Zhang et al. [Paper]
2016 Underwater image enhancement by wavelet based fusion A. Khan et al. [Paper]
2014 Efficient underwater image and video enhancement based on retinex C. Tang et al. [Paper]
2014 Underwater image dehazing using joint trilateral filter S. Serikawa and H. Lu [Paper]
2014 A retinex-based enhancing approach for single underwater image X. Fu et al. [Paper] [Project]
2012 Enhancing underwater images and videos by fusion C. Ancuti et al. [Paper] [Project]
2010 Underwater image denoising using adaptive wavelet subband thresholding C. J. Prabhakar and P. U. Praveen Kumar [Paper]


Year Title Author Paper Webpage Code
2020 Video image enhancement and machine learning pipeline for underwater animal detection and classification at cabled observatories V. Lopez-Vazquez et al. [Paper]
2020 Analyzing Underwater Videos for Fish Detection, Counting and Classification G. D. Lakshmi et al. [Paper]
2019 Computer vision enables short- and long-term analysis of lophelia pertusa polyp behaviour and colour from an underwater observatory J. Osterloff et al. [Paper]
2016 Plankton image classification based on multiple segmentations N. S. Hirata et al. [Paper]
2016 Closed-loop tracking-by-detection for rov-based multiple fish tracking G. Wang et al. [Paper]
2015 Investigation of vision-based underwater object detection with multiple datasets D. L. Rizzini [Paper]
2015 Computer vision in underwater environments: A multiscale graph segmentation approach F. Kallasi et al. [Paper]
2014 Supervised and unsupervised feature extraction methods for underwater fish species recognition M.-C. Chuang et al. [Paper]
2014 Towards robust identification of slow moving animals in deep-sea imagery by integrating shape and appearance cues M. Mehrnejad et al. [Paper]
2014 Automated gelatinous zooplankton acquisition and recognition L. Corgnati et al. [Paper]
2012 Visionbased object detection and tracking for autonomous navigation of underwater robots D. Lee et al. [Paper]
2012 An ‘open’ method for 3D modelling and mapping in underwater archaeological sites D. Skarlatos et al. [Paper]
2009 Generation and visualization of large-scale three-dimensional reconstructions from underwater robotic surveys M. Johnson-Roberson et al. [Paper]
2008 Detecting, tracking and counting fish in low quality unconstrained underwater videos C. Spampinato et al. [Paper]
2002 A vision system for an underwater cable tracker A. Ortiz et al. [Paper]
2001 Image classification of coral reef components from underwater color video M. Soriano et al. [Paper]
2000 A vision based system for object detection in underwater images G. L. Foresti and S. Gentili [Paper]